What is Padel London


Padel-London BOX LEAGUE is a competitive league for all Padel players residing in and around London.


BOX LEAGUE allows players to connect, play, collect results and check their stats in a Padel BOX league platform.


BOX LEAGUE is played by teams. All you have to do is find a teammate to play with, and you are all set.

How can I play BOX LEAGUE?

Create a team of minimum TWO and up to FIVE players

Choose the group that best fits your team based on your skills

Purchase ONE ticket PER TEAM, fill the form attached to it indicating your preferred Padel club

We will create a BOX LEAGUE account for your team and give you access to the BOX LEAGUE platform

Your team will get to play all the other teams in the group, up to five games per round.

How does BOX LEAGUE work?

We have divided London in TWO regions: EAST & WEST

Depending on your home club your team will playing in one region and club or nearby clubs

The BOX LEAGUE platform allows you to connect and interact with all the teams in your box

Padel-London creates a WhatsApp group for players for easy communication among players.


Match deadlines are set up, providing a clear timeline for teams to play their matches

More information, terms and conditions HERE

What format is BOX LEAGUE?

Padel-London BOX LEAGUE uses the FAST4 format, which is approved by the Lawn Tennis Association (LTA)

FAST4 provides a FAST-PACED and TIME-EFFICIENT version of traditional Padel format

Fast4 ensures that matches are completed within ONE HOUR, allowing players to fit more matches without compromising on the level of competition

First to four games wins – Tiebreaker at 3 games all – Match tie-break at 1 set all – No ad scoring


More information about Fast4 at the LTA website HERE


    Each round of the Padel-London BOX LEAGUE lasts 3 months.


    Teams arrange their own matches at a mutually convenient time and location. Teams split court costs


    Both teams need to enter the completed score in order for the result to be shown on the website.


    Top 2 teams in each group gain promotion. The bottom 2 teams get relegated