• Matches are NOT umpired, we believe in sportsmanship and fair play of the teams. Any abuse or misconduct should be reported to boxleague@padel-london.co.uk. Padel-London reserves the right to remove players who are not following these standards.
  • Padel-London BOX LEAGUE is a tool that allows players to connect and play in an organised league. For clarification, Padel-London does not assume responsibility for the safety or security of the players on the courts, in the facilities associated with the leagues, or in any other setting. It is the player’s responsibility to ensure that any courts used are safe for play and they compete at their own risk.
  • Players are responsible to arrange their own matches at any Padel court in London. Padel-London BOX League is NOT responsible for hiring courts. Players will arrange bookings at their own cost and arrange a location.
  • Players must be 18 or older, either male or female.
  • Players must register and play under their real name (specifically not an alias, pseudonym or nickname) and must provide accurate contact details. Padel-London suggests verifying the identity of the players before playing.
  • Teams are permitted to replace a player once during each round but only for major reasons, such as illness, injury, etc.


Padel-London BOX League matches can be played on any Padel court within the M25 area. In some cases, the suggested courts would be located in private clubs. There should be an agreement between the teams about what to charge; ideally it would be a guest pass for non-members if applicable.

A map of all Padel clubs in M25 can be found here.

The two teams should have agreed beforehand on where to play and a booking should have been made in advance. Before the match, please agree on the time, location, and projected time frame.

Teams share the cost of the courts. We recommend to book two hours.

ALL matches are two sets to 6 games with a short tie-break (to 7 with a 2 point lead) at 6 games all. If the score reaches 1 set all a match tie-break (to 10 with a 2 point lead) must be played to determine the winner. A full third set must NOT be played.

We recommend using new balls or balls on a pressuriser.

Teams are responsible for finishing the match on another day within the round dates if the match cannot be completed.

Teams that complete ALL their matches within a round will earn 2 ADDITIONAL points.

Teams who doesn’t show up on time or is more than half an hour late gets 2 PENALTY points whatever the circumstance.

Rescheduling a match is possible, but if the notice is less than 12 hours before the game, it’ll be considered a walkover.

If a walkover is to be claimed, please send an email to boxleague@padel-london.co.uk

Refer to this rules in case there is a conflict, try your best to keep the Padel-London BOX League a friendly and competitive environment. Users that may provoke conflict will be removed from the BOX League.

If the issue cannot be resolved amongst yourselves, you can email boxleague@padel-london.co.uk with information about the conflict.

Injuries, weather and others

Due to weather conditions or if the court presents a risk (too slippery or unsafe) is possible that a match need to be cancelled in less than 12 hours. The two teams should agree to postpone the match prior to the match

If the weather became unstable during a match, we would recommend stopping and finishing it at the convenience of both teams.

A team has the right to replace a player if there are major reasons such as injury, illness, moving away or others. The replacement needs to be reported to Padel-London at boxleague@padel-london.co.uk

In every league, every team starts with zero points and is placed in categories (blue, green, orange) and groups depending on their players stats and performances from the previous year.

New teams can join at any round if places available. Based on player stats, previous performance, and other factors; new teams will be placed at the most convenient category and group

Padel-London will place the groups in the best possible manner to balance the groups. Groups can be rebalanced in any way to benefit the whole group and category


Both teams need to enter the completed score in order for the result to be shown on the website.

Every player of each team can enter the score. Players will be chased by the system to introduce their scores every 15 days via text message

If any issues with the score, the system will request an update from both teams via text message

Prices will be available soon to category winners.

The introduction price for Q2 round is £2 to make sure only genuine teams will be playing the BOX League. A follow up on pricing will be announced

Privacy statement

Your name and details will appear on accessible tables of results and in the Round Reports. Current and past Rounds are publically viewable.

By playing in the League you are authorising us to share your contact details with other members of the League who are placed in the same group.


More information at: https://www.ats.tennis/privacy-policy.pdf